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Al Noor Island





12-28 January 2017


Al Noor Island - SHARJAH




Al noor island is hosting the International Storytelling Festival under the theme "Tales on the Island”, the event will be held during january, bringing together the best storytellers from across the world to share their enchanting stories with the gathered audience.


The art of telling stories is one that can transport the listener into a wistful wonderland, capturing the imagination and bringing out a whole range of emotions as the journey goes on. this festival will be a truly memorable occasion - no books, no texts learned off by heart, no screens and no microphones, just a voyage of discovery through different cultures and tales, as well as a realisation of the ancient pleasure of just sitting in front of somebody who tells wonderful stories, creating magic only with the power of words...


Tales on the Island is to be held every thursday, friday and saturday from 12 - 28 january 2017.


The festival will feature performances for all ages, music, art, theatre and fun for the whole family!


Let your imagination run wild at tales on the island...



20-21 January







Storyteller and artistic director of the Festival


Professional actress and storyteller with 20 years of experience, Paola Balbi is the most famous Storytelling artist in Italy and one of the most praised and renowned in the whole of Europe since 2003. She is founder and co-artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company, the leadins storytelling Company in Italy and of the International Storytelling Festival of Rome. She has been a founding member of Fest (Federation for Europena Storytelling), serving on the board for two year.

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Storyteller, musician and artistic director of the Festival



Professional actor and storyteller, Davide is Paola Balbi's businnes and stage partner since 2007. He is co-artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company and Raccontamiunastoria International Storytelling Festival. Davide has served on the Board of FEST (Federation for European Storytelling) from 2013 to 2016. Alongside with being a performer in his own right, Davide is also a musician. He plays guitar, harmonica and several percussions.

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Storyteller and consultant artistic director of the Festival - (Thanks to the "BRITISH COUNCIL" for supporting the participation and activities of British artists David Ambrose and Michael Harvey through their project "UK/UAE 2017 Year of Creative Collaboration")


David has been at the forefront of the storytelling revival in the United Kingdom for the past 20 years, as a promoter, a performer, and as Artistic Director of Beyond The Border Wales International Storytelling Festival. As a performance storyteller, he tells for both adult and children’s audiences, performing regularly in theaters, community centers and schools across Wales, and appearing at international festivals around the world. He is also a founder member of the Tales

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Fidaa is a traditional storyteller, Puppeteer, drama-in-education specialist and actress. She has performed with Hidden Theatre (Italy), The Freedom Theatre (Palestine). Fidaa is also the founder and director of Kan Yama Kan group and Al Jarousheh Theatre and Art and Activism residency. She has worked with schools, organizations and activist groups across Palestine. Fidaa is also a Palyback Theatre pratictioner in the Freedom Bus troupe.



Storyteller and translator into arabic


Lamya is a Dubai-bred/based Egyptian performing artist. She's a writer, translator, comedienne, actress and storyteller. When she's not wearing any of these hats herself, she enjoys being a host of the UAE web program The Camel Stub which offers previews and reviews fot the UAE performing arts scene. Lamya holds a BA and MA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo and a Doctorate Degree in Childhood Studie from the Mass Communication and Child Culture Department ...

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Storyteller - (Thanks to "ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DUBAI" for supporting the participation and activities of the French artist Abbi Patrix) musician and artistic director of the Festival



Trained at the Drama School Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Abbi Patrix has been exploring the art of storytelling for the past thirty years with his Compagnie du Cercle, founded by him in 1980. Working either as a solo performer or with other artists, he has a taste for mixing the spoken word with other disciplines such as dance, music and mime. His work is at the cross-roads of theatre, music and movement, enriched by multidisciplinary material, on a permanent quest for new ways and voices to enrich the form of ...

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Martina is a young talented storyteller and one of Paola Balbi's most brilliant diciples. She has worked extensively with Raccontamiunastoria for the last five years both as staff and artist at Storytelling Festivals. She is founder of Storytelling Torino, Storytelling Company in the north of Italy. Martina loves to travel and discover stories from different cultures, but is also very passionate about traditional heritage stories related to the landscape of her native Dolomite mountains.

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Germana is a young trained actress and talented storyteller. She has worked with Raccontamiunastoria for the last three years both as staff and artist at Storytelling Festivals. A true roman, Germana loves to tell stories about her ancient city and culture, but during her stay in Dubai, she has developed a real passion for the Middle East, its traditions and stories.

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Asia's leading storyteller, based in Singapore. Chairwoman of Asian network of storyteller and artistic director of Singapore International Storytelling Festival. Professor of Storytelling at LASALLE College of the Arts. She is a specialist storytelling trained for tertiary level programmes in Arts Management, Animation, Art Therapy, Arts Education, Theatre & Drama Studies and more. She has gained an internatioanl presence with invitations to present keynotes, conduct workshops and ...

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Storyteller and drum player - (Thanks to the "BRITISH COUNCIL" for supporting the participation and activities of British artists David Ambrose and Michael Harvey through their project "UK/UAE 2017 Year of Creative Collaboration")


Leading artist in the Storytelling Revival in the UK. Welshman Michael Harvey is an award winning storyteller who travels the world telling stories to people of all ages. He works solo as well as with musicians, singers, dancers and visual artists. He tells stories from all over the world and is specialized in Welsh and Celtic material. Michael has told stories throughout the UK and Europe as well festivals in north and south America. Most of his work is in either English or Welsh and occasionally both...

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Mats Rehnman is a professional storyteller, living in Stockholm and a leading artist on the scene of the Iternational Storytelling Revival. Since 1987 he has performed all around Sweden for children, youth and adult-audiences on commission from cultural centres, schools, libraries, theatres, companies, radio, festivals etc, with traditional and original stories. He is also involved in international cooperations with storytellers and groups. He is often seen as featured performer on festivals and storytelling clubs...

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Seung Ah Kim is the founder of Arirang Storytelling Concert and counts herself as Korea's first professional storyteller. Inspired by the folktales her grandmother told her as a child. Seung Ah tells Korean folk stories in a dynamic and interactive way that is engaging for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Her performances combine traditional Korean folktales and mythology with contemporary stories from her own life.

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A recovered neurotic. Jane-of-all-trades. A proud hybrid. Interior designer. Artist. Upcycler. Colour expert. Volunteer. Dreamer. Farah is an interior designer with ten years experience in the UAE market. The prominent presence of art is evident in Farah's work, where she tells stories through painting. She has live-painted at key local events, including Emirates NBD, Accenture, Bold Talks and Mirdif City Centre. Her love for art and interiors encouraged her to create her own personal brand, a fusion of eclectict art and interior objects that enrich living spaces.



1st WEEK-END 12-13-14 JANUARY



Thursday 12th of January


19.30-21.00 Once upon the Island - Opening event of the Festival. Stories, music and songs in Arabic and English from Palestine, Egypt, Italy, France, UK

Language: English and Arabic

Age: all




Friday 13th of January


16.30-17.30 Mukhtar – The Boy and the Aud – A little boy who loves sounds keeps discovering new things until he creates an Aud. He brings joy to his village with music, but other children laugh at him because he has big ears. He runs away from the village...

Fidaa Ataya (Palestine)

Language: Arabic

Age 3+


19.30-20.30  The woodcutter sister – A traditional story from Syria about dreams, illusions and the true taste of freedom.

David Ambrose (UK)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 10+


21.00-22.00 Journeys In Place - An unpredictable "adventale" - Tales, legends, myths, anecdotes, intimate memories fill pages of the travel diary of the storyteller. Between the Eastern sun and the Western moon, you will come across trolls, djinns, dragons, kings and princesses, ministers, salesmen and thieves, as well as frogs, snakes, turtles, monkeys, ravens and owls.

Abbi Patrix (France/Norway)

Language: English

Age: 10+




Saturday 14th of January


16.00-17.30 Who can tell? - Out of the Fortune Cookies Box comes an assortment of stories about prophecies and predictions, fate and fortune. But who can tell what will be told? audience will decide.

David Ambrose (UK)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 4+


19.30-20.30 Doma – A woman lives next to a Dom tree and she is dreaming to have children. God gives her a girl and she names her Doma after the Dom-tree. But the Gol comes and kidnaps her.

Fidaa Ataya (Palestine)

Language: Arabic

Age 12+


21.00-22.00 The Recipe of Happiness - The sultan’s wife is getting thinner and thinner and  no recipe can heal her. Everyone is looking for the same thing: the recipe for happiness. But does it really exist? Yes, but it is only known to storytellers.

Paola Balbi, Martina Pisciali (Italy)

Language: English

Age 10+





2nd WEEK-END 19-20-21 JANUARY




Thursday 19th of January


19.30-20.45 SPECIAL EVENT: A Palette of Stories – Stories, music and live painting with the artists of the week. Come and listen to stories from the four corners of the world and see their images coming to life from the brush of the painter!.

Kamini Ramachandran (India/Singapore), Michael Harvey (Wales), Davide Bardi, Paola Balbi, Martina Pisciali, Germana De Ruvo (Italia) and painter Farah Nasrawi (Palestine)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 10+


21.00-22.00 Boots! Socks! - Tales of the Welsh Gypsies. Rollicking good wonder tales with magic, adventure, love and some rumbustious joining-in too if you’re in the mood.

Micheal Harvey (UK)

Language: English

Age 10+




Friday 20st of January


16.30-17.30 The Fabled Forest – Panchatantra Tales from India. Talking animals and mischief maker who live deep inside the forest. Step into the forest filled with fables from The Panchatantra and let yourself by enchanted by old tales.

Kamini Ramachandran (India/Singapore)

Language: English, Arabic

Family performance (Age 3+)


19.30-20.30 The Cauldron of Inspiration and other stories – The little folk, gallumphing hairy giants, a boy turning into a hare and a fish and a bird, words that can break chains and wonderful gifts from the sea.

Micheal Harvey (UK)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 8+


21.00-22.00 Stories that Shakespeare loved – A unique storytelling performance on Shakespeare source stories. Where did Romeo and Juliet really come from? Who first told King Lear’s story and where? A fascinating storytelling performance to unravel some of Shakespeare’s best kept secrets.

Micheal Harvey (UK), Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi (Italy)

Language: English

Age 14+




Saturday 21nd of January


16.00-17.30 Fibs and Fables – A host of brave, wonderful and stupid characters to charm, amuse and scare you. Mermaids, Monsters, Giants and much more!

Micheal Harvey (UK)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 3+


19.30-20.30 “Juha and other fools!” - Who’s the most fool and cleverest of the village? A collection of stories about one of the most funny and popular characters of both Middle-est, South Europe and North Africa. Join for an hour of sheer fun!

Michael Harvey (Wales), Lamya Tawfik (Egypt, Dubai Resident and Translator), Davide Bardi, Paola Balbi (Italy)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 10+


20.30-21.30 A Garland of Stories – Folktales from India. A string of stories from India that are evocative of the fragrances, sights and sounds of a long time ago. Tales of men and women, of love and greed and human emotions.

Kamini Ramachandran (India/Singapore)

Age: 12+






3rd WEEK-END 26-27-28 JANUARY



Thursday 26th of January


19.30-20.30 The bewitched camel: hakawati story walk. Come for an enchanting walk on Al Noor Island, following the path of ancient tales from the Middle East, Far East and Europe. Nothing really is what it seems, magic creatures are concealed behind human features and subtle often are the borders between magic and reality.

Seung-Ah Kim (South Korea), Mats Rehnman (Sweden), Lamya Tawfik (Egypt), Davide Bardi, Paola Balbi, Martina Pisciali (Italy)

Age: all




Friday 27th of January


16.30-17.30 Making a mystic story -The storyteller listens to children and paints what he hears. What is the story behind the picture? Well, let’s make it up together.

Mats Rehman (Sweden)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 5+


19.30-20.30 Fortune, Love and good-wishing Stories from Korea – Come and listen to how they celebrate New Year in Korea and let yourself be transported to the Far East on the wings of ancient stories of Love, Justice and Fortune.

Seung-Ah Kim (South Korea)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 8+


21.00-22.00 The eagle and the snake: Julius Caesar and Cleopatra - The most famous love story of ancient Rome and Egypt. Come and listen how more than two thousands years ago the Middle East met the West and two great leaders dreamt of a united world living in peace.

Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi (Italy)

Language: English

Age 14 +




Saturday 28th of January


16.00-17.30 Catching Tiger with a greased Puppy and other tigers stories from Korea – A poor man got a magic sesame seed but his puppy swallowed it. Things start to became really challenging when three tigers show up ready to eat the puppy.

Seung-Ah Kim (South Korea)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 3+


19.30-21.00 Beings of the Forest - Stories of creatures and strange beings. Mats Rehnman bring you into the wilderness of the north, to meet the giants and trolls, gnomes and elves roaming the forests and mountains of Sweden.

Mats Rehnman (Sweden)

Language: English, Arabic

Age 12+


21.00-22.00 Festival Grand Finale - Stories, music, good-byes and pictures will all present artists. We all wish to see each other again for the next edition of the Festival in 2018, Inshallah!

ENTRY RATES for AL NOOR ISLAND and the Festival __________________________________________________

Adults: Aed 50


Children (3 To 12 Years Old): Aed 30


Toddlers (Below 3 Years Old): Free Of Charge


Seniors (60 Years And Above): Aed 30


Group rates (15 persons and above): AED 25 Per adult and AED 20 for children


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